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Join our team of experienced instructors to conquer your fears of this unforgettable experience. We can offer you two different abseils.

The Ghar Lapsi Abseil (Malta):
This is best location to start abseiling. After a short briefing we start with two introductory abseils followed by a 45-metre abseil down the sea cliff.

The Blue Grotto Abseil (Malta):
This is a memorable experience with an abseil of 55m (mostly in midst of the air) down the famous Blue Grotto into the blue sea. This abseil is for those who are experienced or who have already done the introductory abseil at Ghar Lapsi. After this abseil one is required to swim unattended for 100m.

Both abseils are done under strict safety conditions using the proper equipment suitable for such an adventurous activity.